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This stuff will have you smelling like the kind of guys your dad looked up to! I see you're still reading, indicating that what you just read wasn't enough of a reason to just buy this oil... Well okay then this smells like watching wrestling on tv in the 1980's. It's like if your TV was able to recreate the smell of the1980's world's strongest man competition while you were watching. It's the perfect blend of Pine for the implication of 'Yea I chopped down the entire forest, and brought it with me', with Cedar for that mountain man smell, and a splash of Eucalyptus for the added 'I may befriend wild animals at random' feel. The combination of these three scents give the perfect blend to make people say, "He seems dangerous, but I trust him and I don't know why".

Size: 1oz / 30ml

Scent: Pine, Eucalyptus, Cedar

Scent Strength: Medium

Ingredients: Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Essential Oils for Fragrance

Hold: Very Light

Suggested Use: Daily

Best Beard’s beard oil is the foundation to a growing your best beard you always wanted, yet never knew existed.  It is designed to ensure beard perfection.  Built from the ground up with 100% all natural ingredients, and designed to nourish the roots and skin without weighing down your beard, or leaving it feeling greasy.  This stuff is the perfect thing to add to your favorite Best Beard products.  It will keep your beard hydrated, while aiding in keeping the skin healthy for better growth.


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Why Buy From Us

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